Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Justin Bieber must disappear now!

     OK, I'll first admit I hated Justin Bieber the moment I laid eyes on him and his ridiculous in your face hairdo he sported at the time that. He burst on the scene in 2008 as a YouTube sensation and quickly became Canada's most hated import. Well hated by most. His Twitter account currently is the most followed with 45 million. Huh? How does this happen in this day and age? Am I just too old to understand? Is this how adults felt about Vanilla Ice in the early 90's? Nevertheless, I may be getting old and I can't stand him and his antics. The latest of which had him being carried up the Great Wall of China by his security guards. Really? Is he secretly conducting an experiment to see just how douchbaggy he can be? 

     There are countless examples of his moronic antics that SHOULD have people screaming into a tub filled with water to hide their hate for him. From going 100 mph in residential neighborhoods to pissing in a restaurants mop bucket while insulting President Clinton and fish bowling (or hotboxing depending on where you're from)  a friggin' airplane to the point the damn pilot needed oxygen or else he would've inadvertently started singing a rendition of "Hits from the Bong". In a time when people start petitions to try and stop the casting Ben Affleck into the next Batman, can't we have a petition to send him back to Canada once and for all?

     Don't mean to be such a non-Belieber but hey, the name of this Blog is Joe's Burning. If I can say one nice thing about him it is his contributions to charity. What most people don't know is he is also the record holder of granting "Make A Wish" wishes with around 200. He also has many different educational charities overseas as well. Anyways, regardless of that, yet another antic I forgot to mention was on a trip to Amsterdam and visiting the Anne Frank house he was quoted saying Anne Frank would've been a Belieber. He really needs to take up Vanilla Ices' offer of training him to be less of a doucebag. With that, the world now knows my disgust for this shit stain of a pop culture icon, and hope I didn't hurt the feelings of any of his fans to much. Actually, I take that back, you should be disgusted with yourselves as well for contributing to his success, because if it weren't for his fans, he wouldn't be so damn popular in the first place. Thanks America!

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