Thursday, October 3, 2013

My reasoning for switching to an Independent

     Growing up in a very Democratic household I was raised to hold liberal ideals all my young life. Even during the past presidential election I was a vocal Obama supporter. While I still feel Obama was a better choice to run this country than Romney, this past year I have gotten more into politics than I ever have in my life. Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older and more concerned about issues such as healthcare, and retirement, etc. During the past year reading up on the true ideals of both of the top political parties and the Libertarian party I made the decision to just go Independent and have been vocal in the past few months on social networks encouraging people to do the same. The reasoning is quite simple and many of my friends have heard me say this before. There are some issues I have liberal feelings about, and there are some I have conservative feelings about. Therefore It made no sense to me to be affiliated with just one party.

     What actually triggered my decision to start learning more about different political parties was the gun control issue. I had come to find out I had more conservative feelings towards this issue. I'm not going to get into the logistics of that right now because this isn't a gun control topic I'm posting about. In this day and age it bothers me that so many people become these cheerleader drones to these political parties causes. Before I go further let me say if you truly feel in your heart that you hold all the same ideals as your political party then this post does not concern you. I'm trying to keep this short and sweet. What became my basic formula for all political issues is very simple. Read up on both sides view of an issue and form my own opinion based on my conclusions. Yes, that includes watching both MSNBC and Fox News. I don't really have an ending for this post so I'll just end it with suggesting to people to try considering both sides of an issue before you just jump on a certain parties bandwagon. This is JoesBurning and I approve this message.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


     Alexian Lien as most know by now is a man who on Sunday was out trying to have a nice first anniversary with his wife and 2 year old daughter when a motorcycle gang of 30+ members attacked him. This so-called gang who call themselves "Hollywood Stunts" was out acting completely carelessly with total disregard for any other motorists on the road doing such things as having members block certain highway on ramps so people couldn't drive onto the highway so they could perform tricks on their bikes. Come to learn this is an annual Manhattan event this gang (I refuse to call them a club) participates in.

     Mr. Lien, minding his own business called authorities informing them of the gangs activities when a collision occurred between his Range Rover and one of the bikes. Being a law abiding citizen he comes to a stop and is then bombarded by these thugs banging their helmets on the body of his SUV and trying to slash Mr. Liens tires. What does he do? What any person driving their vehicle containing their family including a 2 year old girl would do. He mows down everyone in his path which leads to him being chased into the city streets of Manhattan where the gang proceeds to attack him viciously.

     What gets me the most about this story is the support this gang is receiving from some people, and it's a select few. The family of one of the rightfully mowed down gang members Edwin Mieses AKA Jay Meezee started a Facebook page named Justice for Jay Meezee. Seriously? I understand the family may be going through a tough time with this, but to go as far as starting a Facebook page complete with donation link shows me the family is clearly as stupid as Mr. Mieses is. Dayana Mieses wife of Edwin was quoted saying "This man needs to know he hurt someone" and "That man paralyzed my husband, and needs to pay for what he did". Since it's already been confirmed no charges are being brought up on Mr. Lien she's shit out of luck. What was nice to see is the mostly negative remarks on the Facebook page concerning "Jay Meezees" actions. If anything Mr. Lien and his family should be the ones receiving an apology which I doubt will happen in this day and age. People being responsible for their own actions? Come on this 2013, that's just nonsense.

     What I hope to see come out of this first is major jail time for those involved in the attack on the Lien family which as of this post the 2nd arrest has already been made. Secondly a successful lawsuit from the Lien family towards those involved including "victim" Edwin Mieses. Thirdly there clearly needs to be laws implemented to stop these kind of stunt shows by motorcycles clubs and gangs. 30+ out of control "stunt" motorcyclists should not be allowed to ride on public roads without certain permits. Not only is it dangerous to them and fellow motorists, it gives law abiding motorcycle clubs a bad reputation at the same time when they're just trying to enjoy themselves legally. Thanks for reading this post, and I've also posted the link to the Facebook page in support to the Lien family here. Here is the complete YouTube video of the incident for those who haven't seen it in entirety.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Justin Bieber must disappear now!

     OK, I'll first admit I hated Justin Bieber the moment I laid eyes on him and his ridiculous in your face hairdo he sported at the time that. He burst on the scene in 2008 as a YouTube sensation and quickly became Canada's most hated import. Well hated by most. His Twitter account currently is the most followed with 45 million. Huh? How does this happen in this day and age? Am I just too old to understand? Is this how adults felt about Vanilla Ice in the early 90's? Nevertheless, I may be getting old and I can't stand him and his antics. The latest of which had him being carried up the Great Wall of China by his security guards. Really? Is he secretly conducting an experiment to see just how douchbaggy he can be? 

     There are countless examples of his moronic antics that SHOULD have people screaming into a tub filled with water to hide their hate for him. From going 100 mph in residential neighborhoods to pissing in a restaurants mop bucket while insulting President Clinton and fish bowling (or hotboxing depending on where you're from)  a friggin' airplane to the point the damn pilot needed oxygen or else he would've inadvertently started singing a rendition of "Hits from the Bong". In a time when people start petitions to try and stop the casting Ben Affleck into the next Batman, can't we have a petition to send him back to Canada once and for all?

     Don't mean to be such a non-Belieber but hey, the name of this Blog is Joe's Burning. If I can say one nice thing about him it is his contributions to charity. What most people don't know is he is also the record holder of granting "Make A Wish" wishes with around 200. He also has many different educational charities overseas as well. Anyways, regardless of that, yet another antic I forgot to mention was on a trip to Amsterdam and visiting the Anne Frank house he was quoted saying Anne Frank would've been a Belieber. He really needs to take up Vanilla Ices' offer of training him to be less of a doucebag. With that, the world now knows my disgust for this shit stain of a pop culture icon, and hope I didn't hurt the feelings of any of his fans to much. Actually, I take that back, you should be disgusted with yourselves as well for contributing to his success, because if it weren't for his fans, he wouldn't be so damn popular in the first place. Thanks America!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Government shutdown is everyones fault!

     It's looking more and more like the government is set to close up shop tomorrow and both sides of the table are pointing fingers at each other. I personally think it's every one of these overpaid nitwits in Washingtons fault and let me explain why. First the GOP. This all stems from as everyone knows the Affordable Care Act. As I said in a previous post I believe their problem with it is the money they will be losing from the lobbyists for the pharmaceutical companies and other lobbyists who fund their campaigns and other dealings etc. It really is ironic to me that these rich upper class politicians spew their verbal vomit at people obtaining healthcare who can't afford it, while them and their families have some of the best health insurance money can buy all while labeling them lazy freeloaders wanting something for nothing. So I suppose people should just go to their local county hospital when they get sick and ignore the hospital bills when they arrive because they can't afford it instead of having a program in place that won't further add to their debt and effect their credit score. Ultimately wouldn't it be logical to say this will also have negative effects on the economy? If peoples credit scores are damaged because of unpaid hospital bills how will be able to go out and finance a house or a car without having an outrageous percentage rate that they further won't be able to afford and have their property seized.

     Second, The Democrats. Some Democrats and other Liberal media outlets have this trend where they wanna keep throwing the race card into this whole thing saying the GOP are all a bunch of racists that want to stop Obama from helping poor black Americans. While yes there are still some ignorant racists in office out there I don't believe there are as many of them as they perceive. I always could be wrong, and in some peoples minds I am wrong, but I give people more credit than to have the wool pulled over their eyes helping someones racist agenda. Their are Republicans out there who I do believe are doing what they think is right for this country. That's about my biggest complaint about the Democrats on this issue that I'm tired of hearing.

     With all that said, I guess I lean towards putting some of the blame on the GOP for this fiasco we're going though. All in all, my biggest complaint is the complete lack of bipartisanship shown on BOTH sides of Washington these days. Any problem they face always comes right down to wire whether it be the fiscal cliff at the beginning of the year, the Government shutdown and countless other issues. There is just no middle ground anymore and it is strongly hurting the future of this country. When a Democrat is in office Fox News crys and moans, when a republican is in office MSNBC crys and moans. I've always said it is an ingenious ploy by them to keep us divided, and it works. I'm a firm believer in taking both sides opinions into account and forming your own opinion after that. I don't get the mentality of someone who just jumps onto their partys agenda and becomes their Facebook cheerleader posting stupid memes just because that's what side they're own. Please feel free to add your opinion to this to help me understand that. Thanks for giving me your time and reading this post, see you next time.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New to blogging? Use IFTTT to promote it across the web

Are you new to the world of blogging? I just found this service called IFTTT (If This Then That) That is getting rave reviews across many different blogging platforms. I am still learning the ins and outs of this website myself, but in a nutshell it combines your blog onto many different social media networks at once. You can check it out by clicking the link above. XARVHW3QX6AP 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Obamacare is coming.......

     First off let me say this, I'm no college educated journalist. I'm just a shmuck writing my personal opinions online. That said, I'm one of the folks looking forward to having access to healthcare on January 1. Living in a state like Nevada like many others that doesn't require employers to offer health insurance to employees can be troublesome for folks like me who have limited access to such care. Let me also say my political affiliation is Independent. I don't get caught up in Democrat/Republican squabbles. It just doesn't make sense to me to always side with one groups opinion just because I'm on their team. There's some issues I'm liberal about and there's some issues I'm conservative about, so I try to stay in the middle. I always try to get both groups opinion and then form my own based on both sides. I know, crazy huh? Thinking for myself, what nonsense. To me all this Dem/GOP banter is a brilliant tactic to keep people divided in this country that works wonders for the government. I try to split my TV news time between MCSNBC and Fox News just to see both sides of different issues. What I take away from this whole Obamacare debate is this. Rich Republicans don't want people who can't afford healthcare access to healthcare. Why? It seems to me they will lose money that pharmaceutical companies and others pay them to lobby for.

     One example of this that infuriates me on the current state of healthcare is this. Last year my mother in law passed away. Before she had passed on though I took a liking to looking at her Doctors/Hospital bills at her approval. What I saw on those bills astounded me. Among the most outrageous items being overcharged on her bill one stuck out more than any other. She was charged $18 for ONE aspirin during one of her hospital visits. At first I thought I misunderstood the bill and thought maybe it was multiple aspirin she had taken over her time during one of the times she was admitted into the hospital. Well during her next hospital visit I took it upon myself to ask her Doctor to which he confirmed, yes she was charged $18 for one damn aspirin. To tell you the truth I'm not even sure Obamacare addresses these sort of issues. I just thought I'd share that little nugget of BS I find unbelievable these companies get away with. I would have gladly gone to CVS and bought 300 aspirin there for 5 bucks and distribute them to people who didn't have insurance to pay for such nonsense.

     The point of this whole rant is I find it disgusting when anyone Democrat or Republican who has top of line health insurance try to deny someone of basic healthcare who can't obtain it. I don't care what it will do to the economy, because it shouldn't effect the economy when you have the politicians and pharmaceutical companies making the insane amount of money they make. For those politicians Obamacare does bother my guess is they lobby against it because they know it will work.  I could go on and on, but for the sake of keeping this blog post short and to the point I'll spare you. Thanks for reading and if you're one of those looking forward to getting healthcare, congratulations it will soon be obtainable. For those who are well off with money who have the best health insurance money can buy and call people who don't freeloaders who want something for nothing including healthcare, well I say you and your country club can go screw themselves.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

People just don't give a shit anymore

     Whether it comes to manners, politeness, or just general human decency people in this country just don't give a shit anymore. Before I delve to deep into this rant, I'm not trying to come off as this angel humanitarian. I can be just as much of an asshole as anyone else, but in the end I actually care what people think of me, and I try to correct my actions accordingly. Most people don't care what others think about them. Case in point the king of the douchebags, Canada's worst of all possible imports, teen shithead Justin Bieber. Day in and day out you see his disgusting antics unfold on just about every entertainment news show. One day he's pissing in a restaurant mop bucket, another he's doing 80 miles an hour in his Lamborghini in a residential neighborhood, and the next day he's hotboxing (smoking weed in a confined space with no ventilation) a plane so bad to the point the pilot needs to wear an oxygen mask. His reaction to all this is laughter. This is a guy who millions of children look up to and inspire to be like. There are to many examples of celebrities who act like this that it's not worth bringing up. Celebrities are just one part of the problem when it comes to not giving a shit.

     Here's another example, I'm sitting in the library one day and a few seats away from me is a man eating a bag of chips while he surfs the web on his laptop. As the security guard is making his rounds he notices this and politely informs the man no food is allowed in the library and asks the man to take it outside. The security guard walks away and the man then decides to put the chips in his backpack and continues on crunching away. About 15 minutes pass and the man has made zero attempts to follow through with the security guards request, and here he comes on his next set of rounds. Mind you I'm in a position that I can see the guards point of view to this guy, and just as he comes into the guards view he has his hand in his bag pulling out a few chips as he shovels them into his mouth. I'm thinking "the guard is gonna ream his ass", and to my surprise does absolutely nothing. Even the security guard didn't give a shit. Maybe I'm wrong and analyze this behavior incorrectly, but hey guess what I don't give a shit either at this point. 

     It's nice to see commercials like these "acts of kindness" ones with the man stopping his car in front of a crosswalk to help an old lady cross the street. It shows there are some people who want this behavior to stop. The problem is this generation of the "everyone's a winner" mentality they are raised in. A teacher can't discipline a child in school anymore without a parent bitching out said teacher for disciplining their shitty kid and threatening a lawsuit. That is the problem, and the moral of this story. Parenting. In a world were there are celebrities like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Rhianna who could care less about being a role model for their young fans, or people who just have no respect for authority parenting has never been more important now than it ever has. These people aren't going to change, the only thing that we can hope for is people parent their children properly so the next generation won't be such douchbag fuckwads.

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